My friend Ron lets us keep some hives on his farm and he provided this update to me today.  There is an obvious nectar flow based on the activity in front of the hives.  Ron reported the honeybees were “like bullets returning to the hive.”

Honeybees returning to hive with nectar

Photo Credit: Ron Leix

Ron also reported that the bees were foraging on “everything except the queen’s lace and the little white daisy looking flowers.”  To follow is a list of what he observed our honey bees grazing on:

White and Purple Clover                            Golden Rod

Sunflowers                                                       Cucumbers

Squash                                                               Tomatoes

Greens that went to seed                           Rose of Sharon

Wild purple                                                     Wild white

Wild orange (I have no clue what kin of plant the last three are)

Honeybee on Golden Rod

Photo Credit: Ron Leix


Sunflowers at Ron’s Place – Photo Credit: Ron Leix

Rose of Sharon and Honeybee

Rose of Sharon and Honeybee – Photo Credit: Ron Leix