Best Harvest Ever!

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I am happy to report that we are having our best season ever.  Due to the dry weather, we harvested a little later than we usually do.  We had a lot of concerns related to the drought and how it would impact the girls and their output, but our worries were groundless as the first harvest of 2016 is the best we have ever had! Every year we look forward to our annual harvest get together ~ a day spent with family and friends, each contributing to...

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Honey Harvest 2014 in Full Swing!

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The past couple of weekends we have been really busy harvesting our first crop of honey for 2014.   It seems that every year the timing and color of our crop is different.  The season’s late start due to the long, cold winter combined with a relatively cool and wet summer has given us a bumper honey crop, despite the heavy winter honey bee losses we experienced.  The honey is light colored and sweet. When we harvest, it’s an all...

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