This is my friend, Mike, inspecting some of our hives in Davisburg, MI on Father’s Day…looks like we are ready to take some honey off!!  Mike is thinking about getting into beekeeping and has joined me on some of my hive yard inspections this year.


Mike lending a hand with hive inspection at our Davisburg apiary.

In the next photo, we are examining drone cells found up in the honey super…these should hatch out and be gone before we extract. We found lots of worker bees, female and drone brood, in the hive along with an excellent supply of capped honey!


Examining drone cells found in the honey super!

Since installing some replacement honeybees and queens earlier this spring, one of my hives has become “queenless.”  Many beekeepers, including me, had trouble with queens this year. Some of the “mated queens” brought to Michigan this spring turned out to not be mated at all! Those hives “crashed.” Fortunately, the remaining hives are very productive and should make up for the loss in terms of honey production!  We should be extracting honey in about a week so stand by for another season of local, raw honey!