Worker bees tend to the care and feeding of the queen.  The queen busily lays eggs for new workers and a few drones on occasion.  The pink dot is marking paint that the queen breeder applies at the request of the beekeeper.  I prefer mine unmarked.  I can usually see them without the paint and the paint wears off in a few weeks anyway.

Now it is time to clear up the common misconception that the queen is in charge here.  It turns out that the queen serves at the pleasure of the hive, as an organism.  When the queen slows down or is otherwise injured and can’t meet the hive egg quota, the “hive” somehow knows to supersede her.  Worker bees create replacement queens from a normal worker egg and will kill the under performing queen in time before a viable queen(s) emerges.  They often create a number of supersedure cells to increase their odds of rearing a viable queen.

Supersedure Queen Cell by Mark Gretchen

Photo by Mark Gretchen