One of the most common questions we are asked is, “where do you get your bees?” Ours come from Olivarez Honey Bees or OHB in  Orland, California.  Orland is situated between Sacramento and Redding California on the I5.  The Olivarez family have been beekeeping for three generations and have a truly quality operation.  We have tried southern states honeybees and even local Michigan bees but have had the best experience with the honeybees and queens that we get from Olivarez in California.  Here is Ray Olivarez Jr. telling his story in this short video clip below…inspiring.  He rears honeybees in pesticide free areas from Montana to Hawaii.

The bees are shipped via temperature controlled trucks trucks (originally refrigerated trucks) that are re-engineered to keep the bees at a comfortable temperature, with just the right airflow, no matter the distance or the season. Olivarez trucks are driven by a personal trained to handle bees.

OHB-specialized trucks for transporting honeybees

OHB-specialized trucks for transporting honeybees


OHB is the only bee producer in the world that has this custom-designed transport system.  It is why the honeybees are consistently fresh and ready to produce when we get them in late March or early April.

Here is what a “package” of honeybees look like?  You are looking at about 10,000 honeybees.  The can placed in the top is filled with sugar syrup and provides some feed for the bees during shipment.

California Girls - Queen and about 10,000 honeybees in each package

California Girls – Queen and about 10,000 honeybees in each package


Installing the California honeybees in the Byron hives

Ever wonder we “install” a package of honeybees?  It is a lot easier that you might think.  Watch how Randy Oliver from Scientific Beekeeping does it…


Are you ready for some fresh, local, raw honey?  You are more than welcome to stop by our home in Clarkston.  Be sure to call first before coming by to make sure we will be home.  Click here see what size bottles we sell.