I am happy to report that we are having our best season ever.  Due to the dry weather, we harvested a little later than we usually do.  We had a lot of concerns related to the drought and how it would impact the girls and their output, but our worries were groundless as the first harvest of 2016 is the best we have ever had! Every year we look forward to our annual harvest get together ~ a day spent with family and friends, each contributing to the process in different ways whether it’s extracting, feeding the masses or comic relief.  This year we were fortunate to have a number of new families join us to help.  Here are some highlights…

Harvest fun with a number of new families pitching it to help! We appreciated all the help!!

Harvest fun with a number of new families pitching in to help! We always appreciate the extra hands on deck!!



Susan and John Hagen joined our beekeeping co-op this year and harvested over 110 pounds of honey per hive in this first harvest!  Nice job Hagens!!

Susan caught working

Susan Hagen (left) caught working!  Seriously though, she is smiling because her family scored the highest yield per hive in our co-op (the beekeepers might be a little competitive). Congratulations Susan and John!


The brain trust of our honey co-op...Danny Rea, John Hagen and Paul Violassi

The brain trust of our honey co-op…Danny Rea, John Hagen and Paul Violassi repairing our honeycomb uncapping station.  Obviously serious business.   Danny and John are our newest honey co-op members.  Welcome aboard!



Can’t keep the boys in the honey house…they always find something else to do.

Want to join the fun and see what’s entailed in removing hundreds of pounds of honey from comb?  Drop me a line and I will let you know when we will be scheduling our next harvest ~ probably in August sometime.

Are you ready for some fresh, local, raw honey?  You are more than welcome to stop by our home in Clarkston.  Be sure to call first before coming by to make sure we will be home.  Click here see what size bottles we sell.