Many of you know that Whitfield’s Raw Honey is part of a co-op of sorts in which five families pool their resources, and even friends, to achieve a successful harvest every year.  We help each other pull honey supers in the field and we purchase, and maintain, harvest equipment like our variable power supply Dadant 20 frame extractor.

Co-op owned 20 frame extractor

We have a blast getting together for food, fun and fellowship as we process thousands of pounds of honey!  To follow are some photos from this year’s two harvests.

Mia faithfully helps out every year. John and Ron are co-op members.


Uncapping – very serious business requiring full concentration!  No heat here!

Just the beginning of the harvest feast…it goes on all day and is always delicious!

The coffee of course…


Extracting, straining and storing in food grade buckets.

Want to join the fun and see what’s entailed in removing hundreds of pounds of honey from the comb?  Drop me a line and I will let you know when we will be scheduling our next harvest ~ probably in August 2018 sometime.

Are you ready for some fresh, local, raw honey?  You are more than welcome to stop by our home in Clarkston.  All we ask is that you call first before coming by to make sure we will be home.  Click here see what size bottles we sell and always have in stock.