Don’t Wreck Your Honey!

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Do you find it annoying when your beautiful, liquid, golden honey turns thick and white and becomes difficult to pour from the bottle? I do.  I know many, like my grandfather, prefer their honey to be the consistency of peanut butter and that crystallization is a natural process in which the flavor and other healthful properties do not change.  However, like most of my family and honey customers, I still prefer my honey easy flowing, clear and...

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Whitfield’s Raw Honey Earns the “Pure Michigan” logo!!

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We are happy to announce that Whitfield’s Raw Honey has earned the “Pure Michigan” logo!!  Why wouldn’t we, right?  Our honey is locally produced and is closest to its natural state as any product of Michigan might be.  Whitfield’s Raw Honey is local.  We use natural beekeeping methods which include no chemicals, antibiotics or heat processing.  What is more pure than that?  For more information on how to request the use...

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