We are pleased to announce that we have harvested the first of the 2013 honey crop and it is now available for purchase.  This crop of honey is a bit darker than last year’s crop and tastes great!  This year we have 1lb inverted squeezes, 1lb glass jars, 2lb glass jars, 4lb glass jars and 5lb Deca Jugs.  For details, see our products page.


Whitfield's Raw Honey - Simply Raw, Local and All Natural - 4 lb Glass Jar

Whitfield’s Raw Honey – 4lb glass jar

We are also stocking 4 lb glass jars again.  These were very popular sizes for those who use a lot of honey and like to recycle their glass jars.  They come with a nice 15% discount under the cost of four of our 1lb jars or squeeze bottles.