Whitfield’s Raw Honey CSA – Possibly the Best Way to Buy Honey!

We are happy to announce that we are joining farms around the world who are connecting directly with customers using the community supported agriculture (CSA) method.  Most CSA’s are locally based economic models where individuals pledge to support a farm with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.  An important difference between Whitfield’s Raw Honey CSA is that we bear all risks of production, not you!  We have been producing our special brand of honey for over 10 years now and know how much we can produce year to year so you are guaranteed to get the “honey share” you contract for.  We think the CSA model gives us opportunities to connect better with our customers and it gives our customers a way to be materially involved in the production of their food.

CSA’s are not for everyone but here are seven reasons why you should consider ours.



Seven reasons to join Whitfield’s Raw Honey CSA:

  1. Save 20% off our retail prices.  Who doesn’t want to save money?

  2. Our Honey CSA is a unique opportunity to support local, sustainable, natural beekeeping practices.  We make equipment investments every year to ensure that we can continue to provide this special brand of honey.PicMonkey Collage

  3. Guarantee your supply of Whitfield’s Raw Honey for the next 12 months.  We regularly sell out six to nine months after our summer harvest. 

    Whitfield's Raw Honey - Simply Raw, Local and All Natural - August 2013 honey harvest

    Just bottled, fresh, raw honey!

  4. No crystallization guarantee.  If your honey crystallizes before you can use it, simply exchange your unopened bottles for liquid honey at your next pick-up.

  5. CSA members have first rights for renewal each year.

  6. CSA members get to join us on the farm to help, or observe, the harvest. 

    PicMonkey Collage 2016 honey harvest2015 June28 Harvest Collage

  7. CSA members have an opportunity to join Bryan for a hive inspection, all safety equipment provided.  Please note that there are a limited number of spots available, so express your desire to do this soon as we will take participants on a first come, first serve basis.  I will have a wait list for those interested if the spots fill up quickly. 


I have questions, call me to discuss…

How to sign up…

It is simple!  All you need to do is decide how much honey you use each year.  The following table helps you estimate your annual consumption and provides the CSA option sizes available.  For example, 3-4 lbs of honey consumed per month is about 36 to 48 lbs annually.  Therefore, the X-Large option will work best in this example.


Once you know your preferred CSA size, determine your honey packaging (jar sizes).  The following table shows jar size combinations, prices and savings (click graphic to enlarge).  For our 3-4 lbs per month example, I selected some 1 lb, 2 lb and 4 lb jars to mix things up a bit.  The one time annual cost is $291.20, a savings of $72.80 overall!

csa jar sizes and costs and savings 090516

Easy Pick-up Schedule – only 4 times each year!

Unlike fruit and vegetable CSA where you pick up weekly, honey has an unlimited shelf life so pick-ups can be less frequent and why there are only four pick-ups each year.  The following graphic shows the sign-up and pick-up schedule for 2016-2017 (click graphic to enlarge):

csa schedule


When you pick up your first order, we will ask you to sign our really simple CSA contract.  Here is a copy for your review

Really simple CSA Contract

Not sure how much honey you need or how our CSA works?  Just give me a call at 248-535-8967 or drop me an email.

Sign me up!

Whitfield’s Raw Honey CSA enrollment will close on 9/30 so reserve your place today.  When the CSA honey allocation for 2016-17 is reserved, enrollment will also close so don’t delay, sign up here.

Still have questions, give us a call…

We welcome your questions, suggestions, and opinions.  Without you this business would not be possible.  Thank you for your support.