Spring Queen Inspection with Newbies

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This spring I had the pleasure of having my friend Dereck, and his 9 year old son Evan, join me for a queen inspection.  It is always fun to be able to show kids an active hive and see their eyes go wide as saucers when they are eye to eye with 30,000 – 50,000 honey bees! This inspection was to see if the queens I installed a few weeks ago were producing brood.  One of the things I look for is pollen being hauled into the hives.  This can...

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A Chilly Start to the Season!

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With beekeeping, you really never know what to expect!  Our honeybees did not fare very well over the winter and we had to replace nearly 80% of them this spring.  It was snowing on and off when I installed the relocated California girls in their new homes and released the queens.  It is amazing how adaptable this tropical insect can be. I am frequently asked how we get replacement honey bees.  We buy 3 pound packages of bees, complete with a...

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Varroa Destructor

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Varroa mites feed on the internal fluids of honeybees.  Like other parasites in nature, they can weaken and vector diseases and can kill the hive off in less than a year.  These mites travel on honeybees and can spread diseases like deformed wing virus between bees and hives.  Most of the world honeybee populations are adversely affected by this parasite.  Hawaii, in 2007, was the last area in the US to become infected.

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