Spring Queen Inspection with Newbies

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This spring I had the pleasure of having my friend Dereck, and his 9 year old son Evan, join me for a queen inspection.  It is always fun to be able to show kids an active hive and see their eyes go wide as saucers when they are eye to eye with 30,000 – 50,000 honey bees! This inspection was to see if the queens I installed a few weeks ago were producing brood.  One of the things I look for is pollen being hauled into the hives.  This can...

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Clarkston Farmers’ Market Fun!

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Mia and I tried the Clarkston Farmers’ Market on Saturday, October 11th.  It was brisk but sunny and sales were good.  Notice Mia’s blanket?  We found that the Clarkston Farmers’ Market is a great place to sell our honey.  It was surprising how well informed the market customers were about honeybees and raw honey.  Our special brand of raw honey was well appreciated and sales reflected it. Please join us again on October 18th,...

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Come Visit Us at the Clarkston Farmers’ Market and SAVE!

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Last weekend we visited the Clarkston Farmers’ Market and happily discovered that they need a new honey vendor.  We plan to join the other local farmers on Saturday, October 11th.  It has been years since we did a market because our honey sells out every year without this kind of marketing.  Fortunately, we had a record harvest this year and now we need to add a few more local customers.  The market is winding down for the year but there...

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