A Chilly Start to the Season!

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With beekeeping, you really never know what to expect!  Our honeybees did not fare very well over the winter and we had to replace nearly 80% of them this spring.  It was snowing on and off when I installed the relocated California girls in their new homes and released the queens.  It is amazing how adaptable this tropical insect can be. I am frequently asked how we get replacement honey bees.  We buy 3 pound packages of bees, complete with a...

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Another Harvest and New Beekeepers Join the Fun!

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We just completed our first harvest  of the season on June 27, 2015 and we are off to a good start!  This harvest was well under the numbers we had last year at this time, but we expect the bees will pick up production as the summer heats up.  All of the usual crew came out for harvest this year plus some new guests. Mike and Emalaine stopped by and helped out for a while.  Mike is thinking about getting some hives of his own and has been going...

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Clarkston Farmers’ Market Fun!

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Mia and I tried the Clarkston Farmers’ Market on Saturday, October 11th.  It was brisk but sunny and sales were good.  Notice Mia’s blanket?  We found that the Clarkston Farmers’ Market is a great place to sell our honey.  It was surprising how well informed the market customers were about honeybees and raw honey.  Our special brand of raw honey was well appreciated and sales reflected it. Please join us again on October 18th,...

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