Varroa Destructor

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Varroa mites feed on the internal fluids of honeybees.  Like other parasites in nature, they can weaken and vector diseases and can kill the hive off in less than a year.  These mites travel on honeybees and can spread diseases like deformed wing virus between bees and hives.  Most of the world honeybee populations are adversely affected by this parasite.  Hawaii, in 2007, was the last area in the US to become infected.

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Simply Raw Honey…More Than Just a Slogan

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We package honey, as it exists in our beehives, with little processing.  This preserves the natural goodness of our honey. RAW honey contains antioxidants, important enzymes, vitamins, pollen and other beneficial attributes that are removed or destroyed when filtered and/or heated beyond normal hive temperatures.  That is why our honey may appear a bit cloudy when compared to that of commercially produced honey products and will help explain...

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